Robert Reimel

Angler's Marine

1,1643 Telegraph
Taylor, Michigan 48180

Dear Mr. Reimel:

I recently purchased a Lund Alaskan boat, trailer, two Mercury outboard engines and
numerous accessories from Angler's Marine. I feel compelled to tell you about the excellent
experience I had dealing with your company and, specifically, Mr. Tom Ledingham.

I dealt direcly with Mr. Ledingham through every stage of the purchase, from early
discussions about the boat to the details on the installation of custom accessories': This process
took several months and during each stage of the purchase I was pleased by the outstanding
service provided by Tom.

Tom Ledingham posseses an encyclopedic knowledge of the products he sells. He
impressed me with his fishing and boating experience. His insights helped me equip my boat with
useful accessories that I am convinced will provide me with many years of boating satisfaction. A
few examples of the high quality accessories he recommended were a Lowrance, HDS-10
fishfinder / chartplotter with Ram mount, Traxstech mounts and a Twist Step ladder.

Since I plan to take my boat to remote places such as Lake Superior's Isle Royale National
Park, I wanted redundancy in the boat's major systems. Tom installed dual starting batteries with
a battery switch. He also adapted the main engine fuel line to connect auxiliary gasoline tanks,
thus making it possible to travel long distances without refueling stops. Tom also installed special
twelve-volt outlets in the bow and stern of the boat to plug in a spotlight, recharge a cell phone or
run other twelve-volt accessories.

Before purchasing the Lund Alaskan, I was acquainted only with smaller fishing boats with
modest-sized outboard engines. The education I received from Tom about starting and breaking-
in the new Mercury outboards, hooking-up and trailering the boat, launching and recovery,
bringing the boat on plane, using the fishfinder / chartplotter, using lines, etc. prepared me to use
the new Alaskan with greater confidence and competence.

I must comment on the personal qualities of Tom Ledingham. From the beginning of our
business acquaintance he has been a consummate gentleman, polite and helpful in every respect.
He followed-up on the many questions I had that might have frustrated a lesser salesperson. Mr.
Ledingham answered all my inquiries including telephone calls and e-mail messages. The only
thing I could possibly fault him on is that he was frequently so busy multi-tasking with numerous
customers and staff that I had to wait. This, of course, was excusable considering how busy he
was, Despite often being pulled in several directions, Tom never rushed me and always found
time to give me his full attention and answer my questions in detail. Tom possesses outstanding
patience and excellent manners; it was a pleasure dealing with him.

You can be certain I will continue to bring my boating business to Angler's Marine and I will
strongly endorse your business to others.

Respectfully yours,



Mr. Dirk Hyde

President, Lund Boats

318 West Gilman Street

P. O. Box 248

New York Mills, MN 56567

RE: 2013 1900 Lund Tyee Boat

Dear Sir:

I would like to advise you of the excellent services received from Anglers Marine, 11643 S. Telegraph Road, Taylor, MI

. 48180 from Tom Ledingham and Doug Reimel both prior to my purchase and after the sale of the boat. Priorto my
purchase and much online searching of informatlon on boats, I went to Anglers Marine and met with Tom Ledingham to
discuss my needs and review Lund boat choices. I spent several hours reviewing my needs, and what I planned to do
with the boat.

I went back to Anglers Marine and spent a full day with a list of questions I had about the boat, trailer, and motor
options. I was provided detailed information on all my questions. After all the information and further reviews online, I
decided to purchase a 2013 Lund 1900 Tyee in stock at Anglers Marine.

I made a down payment and completed a loan request. Tom Ledingham followed through with finding a finance
institution that met the amount of the payment I needed to purchase the boat. I went down to the store several times
to add additional equipment. I was provided with options that met my budget and boating needs.

Doug Reimel outfitted the boat with all the equipment I had purchased. The installation of the options was very
professional and neat appearing. I reviewed all the components with Tom and Doug.

When I picked up the boat Tom Ledingham provided a thorough orientation of the boat and equipment.

I had to return after the boat purchase for some additional orientation and placing the registration numbers and plates
on the boat and trailer. I was provided the same excellent service and answers to my questions as before the purchase.
I was impressed with the after purchase service and support. I was encouraged to contact the shop for any further

I hope you will acknowledge the fine service of Tom and Doug at this Lund dealership.


j(Jd-!?J ••••••

Robert P. W •••••


Mr. Doug Reimel and Mr. Tom Ledingham

Anglers Marine

11643 S. Telegraph Road

Taylor, Michigan 48180

RE: Excellent Service and Letter to Lund Boat President

Dear Doug and Tom:

I would like to thank you both for your assistance, patience, and fine service both before and after the purchase of the
2013 Lund Tyee 1900 boat, motor, trailer and accessories. I appreciate the time and both of you being very clear in all
information regarding my purchase both before and after the sale.

I will recommend your dealership for a boat purchase to anyone who is looking for a new or used boat.

I wish you continued success in your work with boat sales and service.

I have enclosed a letter I sent to the President of Lund boats acknowledging the fine service from both of you.



Had a stainless steel 19p prop redone and a stainless 24p prop you guys put a entire new center hub in for me. Both props were like new when I picked them up. I used both all summer and me and my family go to lake every weekend. Thank you guys and if anyone ask me were they can get work done I give them your #.
By: Justin Schroeder
Westland, MI

By: Larry